Big Shout Out: Alex Alexander with Lexscope Films!

In T.F.A. Life / Sep 22, 2017

Hello Fearless Ones!

Happy Fearless Friday! AYE! I hope your week has been a blessed one!

I have to give a big shout out to Alex Alexander, director, cinematographer, and editor of LexScope Films.

Why? Because he revamped my acting reel and it looks so fabulous! If you knew my struggle, then you would know how amazing it is for me to have an updated reel! Let me explain:

I have been searching for an editor for so long! Been posting on different sites, asking for help, with no luck at all. People were either non-responsive to my requests or they were inexperienced. It was exhausting and I was almost ready to give up until I remembered my homeboy, Jermaine. Who is Jermaine, you ask?

Jermaine Lindsay is a dear friend of mine who is a multi-talented entertainer. Commercials, films, music, you name it, he does it and does it very well.

Fearless Flashback!

I remembered a time when he and I were getting ice cream and we were catching up, Then, he pulled out his phone and showed me his amazing commercial reel!

“Check this out!” he tells me.

“Ooohhh what’s this?” I asked.

“It’s my commercial reel!” he exclaimed.

So I watched the reel and it was AMAZING! I asked him who did this magnificent work? Then, of course, he tells me about Alex Alexander.

As soon as I remembered that, I hit up Jermaine and asked him if he had Alexander’s information.

Once I received it, I blew his inbox up!

Now, the bigger question:

Why is Alex Alexander so dope?

  1. He is nice and patient-There were so many changes I needed to make but he was so cool!
  2. His prices are reasonable-I didn’t feel like his prices were over the top!
  3. He is talented-Not only did he meet my expectations, he surpassed them! Feel free to check out my new reel!

If you are a fearless actress and need your acting reel revamped, then make sure to check out Alex’s website and hit him up!

You will NOT be disappointed! You get what you pay for and so much more!

Once again, check out Alex Alexander’s work at 

Love and power,


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