The Actor and The Agent: Courtney Richards And Kenneth Suarez

In T.F.A. Life / Sep 15, 2017

Hello Fearless Ones,

Happy Friday! AYE!

A few months ago, I was on twitter and found out that Courtney Richards was teaching kids and adults how to audition for commercials. c

I decided to message him asking if he would consider coming up here!

He agreed!!!!! YAY!!!!

Therefore, you all need to stop what you are doing right now and sign up for this amazing Commercial Acting class!

Courtney Richards and Kenneth Suarez will be in Tacoma on September 30th at Tacoma Little Theatre!

If you are a big Nickelodeon fan, then you may have recognized Courtney from the hit show “Game Shakers” also starring Kel Mitchell.

Make sure to give Tacoma Little Theatre a call! I sure will!

Can’t make it to this workshop?

Don’t be sad! Courtney and Kenneth will also be teaching in Seattle on October 1st! YES!
They will be at Mighty Tripod Productions! Click the link for more info:

Love and power,



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